Idk what made yall check my boring dumb ass profile 👀 anyways keep reading :D

- clears my throat - Ayo hitman bang introduces hit it the second audition , So um like I'm married to my seven precious kings 🖤 , Bang PD is my sugar daddy LMFAO Yes im a hoe xD Taetae is my ultimate bias and rest of the six angels are my ultimate bias wreckers so yeah I'm an Ot7 <3 i love each of them with my whole life <3 and I'm gay for my Queen Taylor Swift 💞

✨ Army and swiftie ✨

i like stray kids , TxT , Exo and IU as well <3

23 :)
Scorpio ♏
INFJ-A ( Advocate )
Taekook 💚💜
Nyctophile 🖤

DM me if yall wanna be in a taekook gc ✨

well that's all i guess ? 💁🏻
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