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My name is ForestHeart, but my buddies just call me Ninja or Forest. Speaking of them, SnowyMoon (SoulSisters. She has FRAGGING EPIC ICE WINGS! An Ice Amulet, Rare silver glove, and Light grayish-blue Tail Armor. {I forgot to mention we're all Fox Hybrids!} She's the kindest, and shy-est little thing! She's sensitive, from living all alone in Mount Shiveer, and stubborn! She loves the cold and tends to shy away from WildFire, who understands perfectly, and has a crush on Ethan/5m! She does have a dark side though, called Demoon, who has bright yellow eyes. I'm also the only person who can snap her out of it. ArcticBrave, (Leader of the group basically, oh and she has a HUGE crush on Sky{DoesMinecraft}! Was born a HighClasser but dropped down to middle because she hated all the scamming. ABSOLUTELY. LOVES. Her Top Hat and NonRare light blue Worn Blanket and kicks some aft with her CrossBow!) DeerHeart, (The nature type, has crush on Merome! She and Arctic are the only two without any element. Making her seem weak, but she's not afraid to kick some aft! Is SoulSister to Arctic.) WildFire, (Shoot first ask questions later kinda gal, has crush on Ssunkipz! Oh and she can turn herself into an inferno! She also likes a game called Fossil Fighters, like pokemon but with real dinosaurs!) Phantomized, (The darkest of the group, being the most hurt, she was turned from a nature fox to a PhantomPhox because THEY needed a spy! I hate THEM! Has crush on Setolox!) Lunar, (The calmest of the group, the exact opposite of WildFire, surprising thing is though, they are SoulSisters! Also being the smartest of the group! Has crush on MunchingUniverse!) LightStrike, (The youngest of the group, SoulSister to Phantomized, she HAS to be protected AT ALL TIMES from the phantoms, since she only makes them stronger, being that Lightning is her power. Loves photography! Has crush on Brice or GoldSolace!) Oh and, I have a crush on...SubZeroExtabyte. YOU HEARD NOTHING!
  • Sarepia Forest, Mount Shiveer, Lost Temple Of Zios, or Kimbara Outback!
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ThatNinjaFox ThatNinjaFox Sep 06, 2015 01:34PM
@Minecrafters1121 It's not THAT great... We still have to fight the phantoms... But thank you! I, for some reason, feel honored!
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