Hai!, so i kinda want a request here and i just finished reading your Red velvet cookie x reader cookie book your amazing even when in love stories/drama's and i just want to request if you'll like the idea i have... How about Crunchy chip cookie x reader story?? ( sorry im a dog persona lover u now) i mean with the part of dark cocoa stories in crk, witten Clotted cream cookie i dunno just like, ive been waiting for crunchy chip cookie story but guess what theres only one book on the #Crunchychipcookie but i can wait for it..
          Hope you like my idea author <3


Hello, this is one of your fans here! (੭•̀ᴗ•̀)੭
           I read the Pomegranate x Reader chapter in your oneshots book, and I love it! At the same time, I also feel like it could be a start of a whole story, and that's what my question is about. I'm not asking for you to write a new book since you're already working on one, but I wanted to write one like that! With your permission, can I start a book that follows almost the same premise as that book, and if I do get permission, I'll of course credit you
          You see, I was gonna start the book off from what the oneshot was, then continue it from there. Again, I'll give you credit. And of course, it's okay to decline. 
          I hope you have a great day/night,
          Some weirdo who simps for cookies that named theirself after socks


Thank you! :D I'll start writing it soon, and I wish you good luck with your newer books


@S0CK0L0VESB4LLS Of course! I think that would be great, especially since I don't have as much time to start a third book. You have my full permission. 
            And I love your user btw