I have a “story”, more like an idea book, but I write story ideas in it for writers to use if they have trouble with finding something to write. They’re also stories that I’d like to write, but I never feel committed enough to actual finish the story. For right now, I have 2 Kol stories and I can never find good Kol stories and I’ve seen your limited supply of stories and I am waiting for you to finish your 2nd one so I can read them back to back. But I’d love for you to use my ideas alter them how you want, and I’d love to be the first to read it and give you notes if you’d want it.


Hey so since you like writing kol fanfic I thought of one that you could use where it is his love layla or whatever name you choose  was stuck with mikel for 400 years and once he dies she goes into the mystic grill and sees kol flirting with someone and she drops what she is holding then kol looks over at her 
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