Hello humans I'm named after the bride of Chucky and the actress ( not really it's a nickname that's stuck I complain about it but now I don't give a donkey honk right now) 
I love a lot of things.
I love any type of genre of music or movies.
I love hunger games, divergent, Harry Potter, twilight, anything supernatural related or science fiction or any type of book really.
I enjoy anything and everything. Even the avengers super hero movies are awesome. I'm a huge nerd.
I like to consider my self a nice person and kind there isn't a mean bone in my body but double cross me I block u.
I respect everyone on Wattpad I don't care if ur goth or emo nor if ur transgender, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Or even religion because I will respect that and will not disrespect u unless u disrespect me. Like the saying goes treat others they way u want to be treated and they'll do the same for u and treat others with respect and u get respect back.
I'd like to believe we're all equal and we're all human beings. ( Even if u don't consider urself one) please no hate comments cuz u'll be blocked unless u put it nicely to help me with my story that will be great. Hope u enjoy my books when I start them and have time. Have a wonderful fantastic day.
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Story by Tiffany Tilly Ray
Queen of the Dead by TiffanyTillyRay
Queen of the Dead
it's about a king who has to find his soulmate and get engaged to her in less than 2 years what will happen i...
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