Hi, I'm Twilight_Sky_806. Please inform me of any imperfections here, because this needs to be organized. 😌😅

Some hobbies of mine: Reading, playing the piano, drawing, and listening to music. 🎼 🖋 📖

Favourite movie: Little Women (1994)

Favourite book series: All the Wrong Questions (Lemony Snicket) 📚

Songs: 🎧🎶
1. Mt. Washington - Local Natives
2. To All of You - Syd Matters
3. Something Good - Alt-J
4. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
5. Piano Fire - Sparklehouse

Favourite piano pieces (I love listening to piano music): 🎵🎹🎻
1. Absent Minded - Gabríel Ólafs
2. Song From a Secret Garden - Rolf Løvland
3. Nocturnal Mind - Yiruma
4. Le Jardin de Monsieur Monet - Stephan Moccio
5. Plus tôt - Alexandra Stréliski

I am practically obsessed with The Legend of Zelda, so a lot of that will be here from now on. 🗡🛡

Favourite themes: Ballad of the Goddess, Oot title theme, Mipha's theme, Farewell King of Hyrule, and the Dragon Roost Island theme.

Some of my favourite Breath of the Wild Zelink fanfictions: ❤️
1. One Last Year by CrazygurlMadness - Fanfiction.net
2. Thinking About You by @Finnclarkson - Wattpad
3. Confessions of a Queen and her Knight by myshadowspirit (NSFW warning) - Fanfiction.net
4. Silent Princess (Zelda's POV) by keyrah - Quotev
5. Into the Wild by @Kaytala2 - Wattpad
6. Reign of the Calamity by @11starfish - Wattpad
7. The Sword's Sheath by @GregMikaels - Quotev & Wattpad (Along with a comic version by @Finnclarkson)
8. By This Years End by WinterRose- Quotev

Current Obsession(s):
Life is Strange 🦋
Thinking About You BOTW Fanfiction by @Finnclarkson. 😍

Great writers on Wattpad: 😁 📖

Some people I consider my unspoken friends: 😊

That's a wrap. Thanks for coming to my profile and reading this, because I'm extra as heck. 😅
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