I am a chaotic Bisexual who simps way to hard over fictional characters. Pronouns are She/Her and you can refer to me as Charli.

I am in too many fandoms to count and really just read whatever the frick I feel like.

My reading lists are meh and are only fandoms I felt like making at the time. They are not regularly updated cause if they were they would have way more stories in them. I also have wayyy more fandom stories I read, I just am too lazy to go through and make a list, so sorry if I don't have the fandom from a book you found me in.

I also happen to be a theatre and choir kid so if my comments give off that energy then that's why.

Also if a comment I made offended you in anyway, then I am 50% sorry because I have zero filter and care about your feelings while simultaneously giving zero flying flips about how you feel. ✌️🤪

Anyways love you cause you obviously have taste cause you found me in a book from a good fandom.
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