There was a girl.... Who was always lonely... Throughout her childhood. She wanted to play with other children but she was a caged Bird... Her family were prejudiced and didn't like her to mingle with others. She always stood at a distance and watched how her neighbour children plays together.. laugh together. 
Her school time was not different. She was an excellent student but was an outcast. She didn't have one single friend... And she was a single child. What she wanted was simple... Someone to play with and laugh with atleast once in her life.
This continued till she was 16. No-one wanted her as a friend. But for her.. friendship was something so precious..she was even ready to die for it. But no-one wanted her. And her family was pathetic. They never asked her issues or sadness... They never tried to be her friend.
What she wanted was simple... Atleast one understand her ..her loneliness... Atleast her parents.. family. But what she got was a family or more specifically a mother who blamed her for everything. Whenever she tried to open up... Her mother was the first person to tell her that she is not interested in hearing about it. Her mother always told her...we give you food clothing and there is nothing for you to get sad about.
And I don't know why I'm writing all these... So that girl who was lonely throughout her life started to feel detached from everything... family friendship everything. She wanted to keep a distance from everything because she was scared of getting hurt. And now...even after thinking like this...she found a person..whom she found to have an invisible bond. You can call that soulmates or best friends...but as days pass by their friendship is getting more deeper meaning Making both of them confused. And now here she is... Going to write a.... Again in watpad..just for that particular person.

I AM A TAEKOOKER. I am shipping them but I always support them if they want to have some1else in their life.
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