Fellow ValaraAngels! 
          	It's the last day of the voting for @thefictionAwards
          	So those who haven't voted( and even those who did) please, please go ahead and VOTE for BOUND in the Best General fiction category. 
          	The book deserves to win and so does Valerio and Amara!!!!!
          	Let's win this for our dear author, yeah? ;)


Hi... I have to say that Bound is one of my favorite novel I have read so far... But unfortunately the last update was in Oct 2018 and now we are in 2020 almost a year and half has passed
          Is @Crimsondragon coming or do we give up on this story?? 


Hello! I bet you don’t have any books to read today! Well here I am to save your day and to stop you from being depressed about your favorite authors not updating their books! It would also help me a lot if you give this book a chance and read it. It would also be great if you send me your feedbacks!