I need a fellow creepy stuff enthusiast in my life.


Hello!  DreamlandCommunity here ♥ As you have figured out, your book Ghosts in the Rain was one of the books we featured in our most recent update of Dreamland Raid!  We just wanted to stop by and say we hope you enjoyed being featured, and that if you ever want a similar experience, feel free to join one of our clubs, or even join our discord so you can meet some who did the Raid or make new friends  
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          We wish you all the luck in your writing journey, and remember...
          Never stop dreaming!
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Anybody here interested in talking about military stuff?


@Darkchocate3 it's not that much haha. A lot of people treat the recent developments like we're Singapore or something. If you were to really compare us to another region in terms of socioeconomic development, secularism and culture, we'd be comparable to Tamil Nadu. And frankly, there's so much inequality in our society it's astounding. Corporatism is a big problem here.
            Yeah, and I don't know about indian farmers because I've met very few, but farmers here are also responsible for a lot of innovation and cultural forwardness here. Since farmers don't get a lot of government aid, they often come up with their own solutions to their problems and so are receptive to new ideas. 
            Which makes it all the more unfair that so much our policies are against both producers and consumers of food. The real profit goes into the pockets of godown owners. There's a business syndicate here that creates fake crises. 
            I've seen the Punjab farmer's strikes. It's honestly astounding that people can treat farmers so poorly that they are forced to do organized protests. And some even called them violent. It's really shameful.
            I'm not retired. I'm a teenager. I quit for university admission exams. I'll probably rejoin when I get into uni.
            Hey, want to head to PM?


@Wall_Of_Flesh wow! You guys had a great development and I think you will have more in the future.Now I know some of your history like how you guys improved. It's really good knowing something about your defence.
            It's true in our country no matter how much they promote farmer's and say they are the backbone they don't do much for their development.Recently there was farmer's strike in Punjab. 
            You said your were ex-member.Are you retired now?