Happy New Year everyone!
          	May all your wishes come true (like mine where I'll finally get the goddamn PC I wanted for years muhahahaha)
          	*Cough* But may you not wait for so long, though. If my wish from 2014th came true in 2020, yours will too. If you have someone to confess love to — just do it. If it fails, I'll comfort you with more love-filled chapters, la~ :*
          	The sloth-like author no Gods can help now
          	P.S. My frontal tooth completely fell off yesterday, can this be equivalent exchange where I give my tooth for a PC? A rather cheap deal, if I say so...


@WhiteSwordsman01 Please continue Alpha's little witch.................................


@WhiteSwordsman01 can you please continue one night stand with a billionaire. I started reading the book but from chp26 it's asking to buy the book from Amazon and as there's lockdown there is no sale of it for few months plz can you put it back on Wattpad


@WhiteSwordsman01 please continue alphas replacement!! Pleaseee!!! Pleaseee!! 


Heyo! Sorry for bothering, how are you doing? Hope you doing good xd
          Im a new writer and im trying to get some opinions, you seem like a really experienced person, would you read my novel and give me an honest opinion? If you don't want i totally understand ^^


Oh my god you’re back!!! So I opened Wattpad and ONSWAB was in my library with a new cover and I swear my heart skipped a beat. It’s been in my archive ever since I purchased the eBook, and I’ve been dying for an end to Ex-wife. I was hoping you were okay, and here you are. You’re back. 15 Year old me is fangirling so much right now. Heck, 20 year old me is fangirling. It’s great to have you back lovely, can’t wait to see what you have in store