New Update on the Edited Version of My Brother's Best friend later tonight. Stay tuned for announcements.


Hey WinDragon ! I hope you're okay and doing well. I just wanted to tell you how much your book My Brother's Bestfriend is my Mate means to me. The last time I read it was probably 3 to 4 years ago and now here I am in my first year of college and just been thinking about your book. If it's okay with you and if you still have the first version , can you please reupload it again ? ♥ it would mean a lot .
          Love, your biggest fan‼


I really want to read your book My Brother’s Bestfriend is my mate!! However, your edited version only has like 7 chapters. I can’t find the first release of this book, but I’d love to read it!! Please please republish it!!!


Hi I love your writing and I know you may be seeing this a lot and that people have been asking it but can you re-upload My brothers best friend is my mate? It’s really good and I miss reading it so maybe you could re-upload it and continue the edited version ? :) 


I honestly redownloaded Wattpad specifically to read My Brother's Best Friend is my Mate...I know this may sound rude but isn't there a way you could publish the unedited version of the book?  


@ARMYLUV14  same. I've been looking for that book for ages and now I'm disappointed.