Just updated chapter 1 of Heroes and Wolves! 
          	Also will be working on the final chapter in a few days time. Stay tuned!!


I have decided to split Heroes and Wolves in two parts again as I calculated that my first book will have near to 100 chapters if I didn't! 
          So it's coming to the end for this book in the next few chapters but I'm working on the sequel!!


@Wolf-Star98 | Oh WOW! That’s crazy!! It’s come so so far!!!


Hey there!
          I'm the host for The Misfits Awards. Just wanted to inform you that I'll be starting the Misfits Community right after we draw the curtains on the awards. 
          If you'd like to know more about this initiative and hopefully join, kindly slide into my DM. I'd be happy to provide answers to your questions there.