Book recommendations?


@_shehnaaz_sidnazian_ Thanks for the suggestion. :)


@ WordsInSoul  unlocking her by @jsjn_writes 


Sorry, for hampering your space.
          Here is my one-shot story. I tried something different. And it will consume less of your time ;-) 
          Please, check it and give a vote and leave comments if it will worth that :-)
          Happy Reading...
          If you would like give it a space in your reading list and share it with your friends 


Hey sweetheart, I am sorry to disturb you. I recently published my book. If you can give it a try i'll be more than happy :) thankyou and sorry again. 
          Please do shower your love by your precious comments and votes. 
          Take care♥️♥️✨ 


Hey dear
          Sorry for suggesting you books without you asking.
          If you're into reality fiction books then do give a try to my books whenever you're free.
          I've also wrote so many other books, u can check them out on my profile.
          Have a splendid day.
          And happy chotti diwali.


Hi there
          This is my story , "Love From Scratch". It is a story filled with romance, friendship, humour and all flavours you like. Hope you give it a try... Please vote and comment if you like it...it means a lot...
          Thank you,


Hey dear ❤️
          I hope you are doing well. 
          Sorry for disturbing you. But I need a littlehelp.I just started my first ever story: "Eyes- The window to the soul". If you are accepting reading request, I hope you give it a try,if time permits. I will wait for your valuable views on the story. 
          Thanks in advance 
          Have a great day 


Hey✨ if it isn't a bother then Do checkout my book - QURBAT , If it happens to interest you then read on, I'll assure you.....it will be worth your time❤️✨ nevertheless, hope you have a good day 


Hii there beautiful!!!
          Sorry to bother you dear but if your are taking requests and if your time permits then please do try my book 'Intezaar'.
          Your precious stars and reviews will make me the happiest. :))
          Thank you so much...
          Much love to you sweetie...❤️❤️