I really don’t understand why my books are applicable for the Watty Award... They’re all unfinished. The closest is CY and it still have quite some time before the end... 
          	Does anyone have experience with it? Not gonna apply but just curious...


Hope your doing fine


@YuiFreymore I was wrong this was your last. But I hope you're doing well! 


YuiFreymore, it's been 3 years, 1 month and 14 days since you last appeared. I hope you are in good health and living your life. It's just that, you have left us hanging for a really really long time, so please take us poor readers into consideration and try to make some time for us as well.


Hi author-sama, I hope you’re doing well. If you ever read this message please can you let us know how you are? I know we don’t know each other irl but all your 8.26k followers are worried about you and want to make sure your ok. It’s fine if you don’t update any of your stories, I just want to make sure you are well. 
          Best wishes xxx


Hello author-sama! I'm a new reader of Chasing You Arc 1-7 and I was about to add the arc 8 and above then realized that the last update was on 2019. It was already 2022 now and I'm not upset about you not updating any chapter. I am really worried right now and having many thoughts of what could've possibly happened in your life.
          I just hope that you forgot your social media accounts or your devices got lost or destroyed. I know this is still negative but that's the most positive thoughts that I'm thinking right now.
          I hope you're doing okay! I love your story! No flaws for me and definitely my standard!  


As someone who read chasing you back when the first few arcs were updating, even if the author doesn’t return I would be fine, I just hope we can get some update that they are ok cuz I’m concerned that the lack of any notice means something terrible happened to them  


@mysteriouslover330 same, there hasn't been any news of the authors I've been ff for 4 years...