So I'm writing this at 9:47 after seeing someone's cool description and having a strange fight with my mom

I can talk in English and Spanish, I have been thinking about learning another language like Portuguese or Indonesian, but I'm still not sure which

I'm quite bipolar, though I would say that I'm mostly chill and if you want to, you could talk to me, if it's better for you to bent on a stranger, I will do my best to console you

If you're curious about my profile picture and the other thing I don't know the name of, then it was made by my amazing friend for who I have mixed feelings for
(I dont really know if she traced someone else artwork, just saying, not that I'm gonna do something about it)

No puedo creer que después de tan "poco" tiempo he llegado al límite de seguidores, es un poco inesperado para mi, ahora me preguntó cómo haré para quitarme la costumbre de seguir a cada persona que me cae bien de los comentarios
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