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This is Leo... Copy and paste him wherever you can... Soon he will take over the world.

-----██---- -Put this on
-----██----- your Wall
--█████--if you're not
-----██----- embarrassed
-----██----- to tell others
-----██----- that you
-----██----- believe in God

|.................| Put this on your
|.................| page if you
|............. ©| have ever pushed
|.................|a door that
|.................|said PULL.

Hello, I am Zman999999999 but you can all call me Z. I am a Christian male in 8th grade and I don't know what to talk about so here's a bunch of random stuff.

ǝƃɐd ɹnoʎ oʇuo sIɥʇ ǝʇsɐd puɐ ʎdoɔ 'sʎɐs sIɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʇno ǝɹnƃIɟ oʇ ɥƃnouǝ ʇɹɐɯs ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟII

Dear Bullies
You know that boy you pushed? He committed suicide.
The girl you called fat? She starves herself.
The kid you teased because he cried? His mom died.
The man you made fun of because of his scars? He fought for our country.
The pouch you stole off that man? He's homeless.
Everyone else you've been mean to? You've hurt them or ruined their life
If you're against bullying, post this on your account. I bet 99% of you won't, but if you're the 1% with a heart, show it.

--///-\\\-Ever felt
--///\\\--or just felt
put this on your Profile. Someone needs to know they're not alone.

Most won't stand up for God. Put this on your on your bio if you will.

Teacher: Can you see God?
T:Can you touch God?
T:Then there isn't a God!
Student:Sir can you see your brain?
S:Can you touch your brain?
S:You don't have a brain?
Post this if you believe in God.


ωнєη Jєsus ∂ιє∂ ση тнє crσss нє ωαs
тнιηkιηg σƒ ყσu. Ιƒ ყσu'rє σηє σƒ тнє
3% тнαт cαrєs, puт тнιs ση ყσur bισ
#InChristWeUnite #HeDiedForUs
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