Hey guys!


@_Tejal_18_ uhm..hi!I am Sumi!nice meeting you!I am a new wattpad writer.btw,i read your first ff and it was great!i love it!and...i hope we can support each other ff with vote and follow each other too..im not forcing u but if u want then im ok ..and pls  comment about my ff which is still ongoing...btw,I'm not an army but I'm an aroha..but i still like reding bts ff too!hope to get good reply from u soon....


Helloo, I realize this is cringey and akwards. But please check out my ongoing book "Blood Contract" I am a new author and would definitely appreciate if you'd check it out. If the author feels offended by this post, please feel free to delete it. Here's the link to the book. Hope you like it, I upload weekly. 


Hey myself Ritwika and I loved your story so much. Actually i also wrote my very first fanfiction. So can pls read my fanfiction. I think you're gonna love it. It's name is when a mafia becomes loving husband. Pls read my story