Gonna be re-writing Destinies Entwined cause I ain’t happy with it, so I’m sorry to those of you who like it currently


helloo!!! i hope your having a wonderful day! i just wanted to thankkk youuu so verryy muchh for voting my book looking || itadori yuji [jujutsu kaisen]!!!! it means a lottt to me!!! have a great day!!!! 


For those who read my Legend of Zelda story, I have unpublished the unedited chapters so do not worry and think that they glitched out or were deleted. They will be put back once finished


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I'm so happy that school is almost over!! This month is going to feel extremely slow, but it will be worth it in the end!! On a side note, I am trying my best to update Destinies Untold. Most definitely the next chapter will be up sometime this week, and if it isn't feel free to spam me!!
          Have A Wonderful Day!!!