a girl who overthink and overanalyze every aspect of life.
and as many other people here, writing, reading, music is my run away.
have you ever being so stressed you literally think your going
be crushed from the inside? thats me.. to often. but with a little
bit of guidance from my angels and a block of chocolate, i can handle it.

this is what i have learned from life. not everyone likes you thats
just how it is, and if your going to go your whole life worrying about
that your never going to see the people that really care about you.
i have also learned that if you want something in life get it, you are
the only one that can change your life no one else. thats what i keep
in mind. break the rules, have fun, because you only live once. and you,
or at least i want to be proud of my life, and myself.
so put a flower crown in your hair, and smile, smile so big that others also smile.

"running after you is like chasing the clouds"
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_lockedflower_ _lockedflower_ Jul 26, 2015 11:57AM
It was one year ago that is stopped being active at this website, now I can give many excuses. I think the real reason behind it was that I had other priorities, I got friends. I never really had fri...
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