⤥ , the heart of the starlight trio ❣ !!
❝ we're running out of time! it's now or never ! ❞
⟶ hailing from otheon, himari anzu is a free spirit who is able to find the joy in anything, she lives every moment to the fullest and every day as if it were her last. she's energetic and happy, finding the good in any situation.
⟶ himari is the sun of the starlight trio. arguably the most social and endemic member. because of this it's normal to find her accompanied by someone.
⟶ she's the life of the party, himari always finds a way to merge groups and bring people together. she's the glue that holds friendships intact.

❝ c'mon! let's have some fun, besides what's the worst that can happen ? ❞

⟶ however despite her friendly and bubbly personality, himari is still quite mischievous, she looks for adventure and new experiences in even the most mundane of things, which usually leads her down unsavory paths.
⟶ still, even with her kind smile, doe eyes and loving personality..there's something off about her.
⟶ something sinister lies beneath the surface, her genuiene smiles and laughs are covers for something deep...she's hiding something..but what could it be?
❝ that was a bust, no biggie though! there's always next time ! ❞
  • laughing with the starlight trio , penned by nina <3
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