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His eyes stayed fixated on her as if everything around her had vanished. Twilight illuminated her naked form,covered by nothing other than a blanket.
          Enclosed in luxury,loved like she was-this is the definition of happiness for most people.But can enclosure ever be happiness even if it is luxury?
          Her bruised body,tear strained face and unconscious form answered this question better than voice ever could.After all do we ever believe it until we see it?
          It's not that her broken form was not seen or her pleads were not heard,It was just that they were neither perceived nor considered because the one to consider them wasn't here.
          But none of it was wrong to him.She was Iana Ehan Syed,his wife and he had every right over her but did he really?
          He couldn't see what he had done to the girl lying in his arms.He was blind to the pain that he inflicted but more than conscious of the ones accidentally caused even if it was by herself.Because he owned her more then she owned herself.
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