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          	I'm too lazy to write a full one-shot but Happy #Pride2019 
          	Allen is a pessimist. He's also gay. Well, being thrown out of your own home from being gay could've been one of the reasons why he thinks Life will always be a bitch. The only good things in his life is his Auntie, who's married to her Transman husband and Laurent - his best friend.
          	Laurent is an optimist. He's practically a walking sunshine with a bright smile for everyone. And he's straight. 
          	But he likes Allen very much.
          	So.. maybe not so straight as he thought. Oh well, he could be Bi or that one with the Pans for all he cares. He's not so much into labels anyway.
          	Pessimistic Allen doesn't believe him though.
          	Ah, such a pain isn't it? 
          	By the way, they're both members of the Glee club. And since it's June, Club President who also happens to be a Queen decides that it's time for the club to celebrate the Pride month.
          	"Glee"-ful and Gay is synonymous after all.
          	With the full support of all the members and their families, they decided to hold the biggest charity concert their school has ever seen and donate the money to The Trevor Project.
          	Fast forward, with the help of Auntie, Laurent was able to convince Allen's parents to come to the concert. They realized being gay doesn't make Allen any less of a person and a son deserving of his parent's love and support. 
          	The concert has been full of happy tears, love, forgiveness and acceptance.
          	And also because the Universe conspires to make soul mates fall for each other, Allen and Laurent has to perform together impromptu to the song "Rewrite the Stars".
          	Laurent finds it very fitting to their current situation.
          	Aaaand the concert ended with everyone with big, proud smiles and singing to the final piece: "This is me".
          	THE END.




Can I ask why did you gone.....poof? Please, I'm begging you! Please update! You're stories are so good! Their the best! I'm literally crying rn! Please! And well. Thank you for listening to me.