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Hey! I read both of your completed books (Fake Boyfriend and To Love Or Not To Love) and I read the latest part of the ongoing book (Drowning) an I MUST say I LOVE YOUR WORK!! It's sooo amazing. I mean there is actual plot in it not only about the love story but also other stuff and I love that about your stories. I hope you get the attention you deserve for your work. I literally live in the world of the book I am reading of yours and I NEVER cried so much because of a story but I cried when I read all of your stories it is just so BEAUTIFUL. 
          I hope you update the ongoing book soon! 


Hey Authornim, I just finished your book Fake Boyfriend and I have to say this is the funniest book I have ever read.. both the characters were literally crazy in this one nd they fell for EO too. But I wished there were more intimate stuff cuz I was literally craving for that in this story where they take it all the way.. but overall I really liked the story nd it is one of my favourites now.. 


chapter 7 of drowning is out!!! enjoysss
          sorry for the late update. i've been busy studying for my exams and hence wasn't able to update last week. updates will be irregular for like a month or two (depending on my exams). 
          have a great day y'all and to all those who have their exams coming up (ig?) all the bestt!!!! luv you guys <3


@akuma_reverie good luck on your exams. fighting!!