I am still here and Glass Prison is not disappearing either. Time is all I ask.


@andielexxis so glad to hear from you.. what happened?? Are you alright??


@andielexxis You and your book are definitely worth waiting for!


Is over four months we saw your reply to give you time so how far now 


(Check out her bio for an update)
          SHEEE'S ALIVEEEE I actually can't believe it, it feels like ages. Knowing that your still out and kicking is comforting. And boy has been a fat minute.
          My usually snoop of your profile has rewarded me! Covid-19 has absolutely thrown the world out of wack but it exciting to see that your planning on returning! Best of luck with your Batchelors!


Hi. It's been more than 2 years since you last updated. I was just wondering when you will be updating. Like is there a round about date of when you are  planning on continuing the book? 


Hello love, just wanted to say that I am obsessed with your story! It is so well written, beautiful and I loved seeing some healthy relationships. I really hope that you are well and I’m sending lots of love to you. We are all waiting patiently for your return.