‼️‼️‼️Fuck the Supreme Court‼️‼️‼️
People that were involved with, but are not limited to; incest, rape, sa, and still can't get an abortion? See what
doesn't make sense is YOU (men) are not giving birth. Keep it in your fucking pants. Pull out. Use a condom. BE FUCKING RESPONSIBLE BECAUSE WE DONT WANT THIS!
Birth can cause; cavities, teeth to fall out, hair loss,
nosebleeds, and death. "Old enough to to bleed,
old enough to breed" periods start from 7-16. 7?
8? 9? 10? 11? 12? 13? 14? 15? 16? MINORS. You
sound like a sex offender. Women can get, but is
not limited to, 15 years in prison for an ABORTION. Wether it be an unwanted pregnancy or a life saving procedure you will face more time than a rapist.
People with wanted pregnancy should be allowed to have an abortion. When women have miscarriages
they have to have abortions to survive. Pregnancy
can also cause internal bleeding. Rapist get 6
months in prison to 10 years in prison. How does
that make sense? Women have fought for rights
their entire fucking lives. With the Roe V Wade
rule turned they can bring back slaves and take
away womens rights to vote plus so much more.
This "getting rid of abortion" is a distraction for
something big. Really big.

I 🫶🏽 smut

(most things I comment are satire so don't waste your breath !)
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ars1ne ars1ne Oct 27, 2022 05:13PM
@JackieDavis512 i dont know what made you think it was okay to say that bullshit to me. the conversation goes like this.me: not yall slut shaming ….@euphor1c_ : literally no one slut shamed but ok...
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