anyone know mafia tv shows?


@avocardable Not mafia but it's about a criminal fam-
          	  Peaky Blinders....


Not really mafia, but deadly class  (some are mafia children)


❝ I hope that even when you're going through the toughest times, you remember that there are still so many beautiful things to be thankful for— things that shine the brightest light through the dark. I hope you remember to cherish the ones who light up your dark skies and celebrate the moments when the sun peaks through the clouds. And when you're in the midst of a terrible storm, I hope that always look for the rainbow— not because you're ignoring the pouring rain and roaring thunder, but because you know that rainbows and rain exist together, because you know that light is only light because of the dark. Looking for the rainbow during the rain was never about ignoring the storm anyway— it's always been about looking for the light that will carry you through. ❞


          hru? it's been a while and i thought i'd drop by with a message like this. hope you don't mind hehe.
          " what if the things you didn't like about were actually some of the most beautiful parts of you? what if the things you viewed as your weaknesses are actually your greatest strengths? my friend, you really are more beautiful than you could ever imagine... the way your eyes light up, the way your smile forms when you see someone you care about. even your scars only add more depth and beauty and character... and not only in your appearance, but you are so beautiful from your heart, from your soul... your smile lights up rooms, your personality is one of a kind... others may not always see it, but always know that you really are more beautiful than you could ever know " <3