Book recommendations for my readers 
          Raised in an abusive home, Nathaniel Wilbur didn't have much while growing up. He had very little hope, not enough time and no freedom at all. But although Nathaniel Wilbur was an unfortunate child, he was lucky to have found Gweneth Adamey. He had her and she had him, and they truly loved each other.
          Juliet Harrison is gorgeous, wealthy, smart, comes from a stable and conservative family, has a very successful career as a performer, and attains everything most people only dream of. Juliet Harrison has it all. What she can't acquire with her beauty, she can get with her money. Except the heart of Nathaniel Wilbur. She fell in love with him the first three seconds of seeing him.
          When a woman who has everything finds a deeper part of herself inside a man who has nothing, how far is Juliet willing to go to keep what she believes is meant for her?   Because it is very clear that Nathan would rather die than give up on Gweneth Adamey, even though he knows Juliet might hold a deeper part of him too.