hello to those who are listed on my feb-march list dont worry because you'll still get your covers later this april :") been vv busy with uni T_T thank you for your patience 


@beauior  All right, Sweet!


﹑❀﹒" Let your wings free ." ﹒☆
          We are the children of the Wind and Tide,
          The urchins of the sky,﹒♡
          Drying our wings from storms and things,
          ﹒⟡﹢ So, we can again fly . .
          To Have Wings.﹒ㆍ Freedom ﹐☆﹑
          A Wide Open Sky Accepting Your Wants to Become a Ball of Adrenaline.  ﹗﹗rock
          ˖﹒⭔﹐ Come into the world of fluttering angels where feathers are given more importance than its appearance. If you have Wings, you can Fly.﹐⇆﹒≡ 
           ∇﹗. .  Having wings is all you need to take a step forward and be a part of our Aliferous Community. The community of wings. ✸﹒✿﹐
          ﹐◖﹒★﹒"You Are Already Aliferous,
                          All you need to do is Spread Them and Fly~"  ♡﹑+
          >﹏A heart warming welcome to our community where we help you spread your wings and fly beyond Infinity. ! 
          ﹒↦﹒Do you ever think of flying out without fear and with freedom? Are you still thinking about those fins that are winged but aren't opening...? We may help you! All you need to do is spread them to your limits and cross the possessions that stop your talent and hold you back.  
          ︲><﹑We at Aliferous Community, have grown through years and learn to fly higher and higher into the celestial sphere.  ﹒✿﹒
          ☓. ﹒✶It never matters if you don't have wings, 
                                               You Can Create them.﹗ ˖ ་


ೃ⁀➷The Charms Community at your doorsteps,
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          ❝Charms community is made for all K-pop fans from all stages of life with an array of untold stories. Join in with us and explore the K-pop world together!❞