The redevelopment of the world, Xalia, is going pretty well. It's surprising to me how different this new version is going to be. And how much more sense it makes. I'm in the middle of writing their history. I also want to be able to write about the societies and the different kingdoms around the world, as well as the Pneumas and their limits. I haven't realized how underdeveloped this story was until now. So yeah. I guess I'll keep you updated.


Hi there. I'm writing my first book on Wattpad and I'm on the lookout for some readers. My story is about new beginnings and stubborn determination for strength. 
          It's a story I know you'll not regret reading, but if not, sorry for the bother. Here it is. 


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Hi I said you wanted a spoiler for Ace but I was scared the people in the comments would attack me lol so she does at the end


I can read Ace a hundred times


Dude if there isn’t any more character development, I’m literally gonna cry. I hate the miscommunication and the “*insert name* is too good for me, I’m gonna let them go” tropes so badly.