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Wattpad is seriously messed up for me because this isn't my account. I was just trying to roleplay with someone and I suddenly appeared on this account like what the fuck??? When I reset my browser I saw this page and now I'm 100% believing that Wattpad... is having a stroke.


@breathsless  I hope you come back abby and write another amazing story like metal heart it was he fist story i read and i loved it too much that i can't compare it to another story


@breathsless woah that's so weird  :0 I hope you fix your problem soon sis


@breathsless Sorry for your problem. IF you can make qn new account, go ahead. Everything will be alright.


Oie neném, perdão se eu tiver te incomodando nesse momento.
          Vim aqui pra indicar minha nova fanfic pra você. Ela vai tratar sobre assuntos sobrenaturais. Vampiros lobisomens e feiticeiros. Se gosta do assunto tenho certeza que vai adorar!
          Espero que goste se resolver dar uma oportunidade ^^




          Hello, I would like you to give me permission to translate your story called Metal Heart, because I saw that many people want to read it but it is in English, the copyright would be 100% yours, I would just translate it


Hi I'm from Brazil 
          I wanted to ask your permission to republish one of your fanfics
          There are many Brazilians who are not fluent in English!
          I can give you all the credits and stuff.
          If you allow it, can I?