OK Let's get down to it and I'll say this only one maybe twice if your lucky, I love anime, manga, reading and all kinds of vampire/werewolves/supernatural/etc... books. My fave male manga guys are Sesshomaru, Itachi, *Percy Jackson*, Kaname, Grey, Edward Elric, *Jacob Black*, Allen Walker, Haji, Sebastian, Viktor and more than I can't even remember at the moment. 

But anyway the reason most of my main characters have the same or close to the same is because all of the names I used i think are cool and if you like any of them let me know so that I can continue or add more to that story :D

Okay see ya around!


Hey I'm back on my web page and I'm going to add more of my work but I need feed back so that I can judge if you guys like it so please comment.

Back again, I just wanted to add even tough it's probably already obvious that I like writing Naruto Fan-fictions and I always get ideas for a new one without finishing another so if you see a new Naruto fanfic and you want me to finish another let me know and I'll try my absolute best to try and finish.

But everyone who writes know about writer's block and sometimes it's hard to write one when all you get are ideas for another. So like I said let me know if you want one to be finished and I'll try to the best of my brain to finish it.
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so i was having a hard time deciding on who i should pair my oc from my Reincarnation Of America's Legacy story. For a while i was thinking Natasha or Wanda, but ive been really inspired by Valkyrie...
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