Hey there. 

Too fucking done with life to make a list of whoever the fuck I am, what I enjoy, who I'm a fan of and all that bullshit so yeah, put simply, I'm Turtle nice to meet you. (Yeah I'm a Turtle. If you have doubts, fuck that's your problem hahaha)

One thing I'll say tho, is that you've stumbled across a multistan in ruins.. This is a mfing, multistanning, kmen-loving Turtle you like it or you leave.

Ult = Ateez ✅
Enhypen ✅
P1Harmony ✅
Seventeen ✅
And more that I cant be fucked to write rn lol.


- Published -
> Born To suffer ([currently editing] on-hold)

> Don't Hold Back Just Follow the Stars (on-hiatus)

> To Save a Broken Boy (on-going)

- Drafts -

> Hold my feather

> Once Upon A Long Time Away

> Red Bullets

> Pronounced Dead

> Accidentally Still Alive

> He Who Hesitates Falls First

holy shit. Okay done. Bye.
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Stories by Turtle
To Save A Broken Boy by canibuyturtleseeds
To Save A Broken Boy
How long can you go being forgotten by the people who are supposed to love you? Being pushed to the side so e...
Don't Hold Back Just follow the stars by canibuyturtleseeds
Don't Hold Back Just follow the st...
[On Hiatus] One trip with 5 strangers in the same car.. To make it worse make those strangers, 5 hormonal tee...
Born to Suffer by canibuyturtleseeds
Born to Suffer
[suffering because of w.b.] 'The battle-line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man' . . ...
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