Slow updates, sorry everyone:')x


Thank you so much for the trailer- it was so beautiful and amazing and I could barely contain my excitement while watching it! It wouldn't let me access the discussion to reply so I had to go on a different account. I decided to just write my response here as you can see.... Um yeah, I'm very grateful for such a beautiful trailer(:


Hi do you think you could make me a cover? I tried to post in the discussion thing but it wouldn't let me cuz Im new on here :( but I filled out the form thing 
          Name: Hannah Jane
          Picture/Ideas: A picture of maybe 2 girls, or even just one, facing the back so you cant see their face. Or a couple if the boy has curly hair idk anything will work :) id prefer not to show the faces though unless its either harry's or ashton's face 
          Color Scheme: anything girly and pastel-y or maybe black and white I don't know you can decide :)
          please please please i'll love you for ever :)