I already read this story.. it always play with my feeling...  there wasn't a single chapter that didn't make me cry... there was alot of conflict ... and won't waste your time reading it... one of my favorite books ... i really recommend u all to ready this strory... 


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Hi its me Author!! So I released a new book I titled it "DESIRE" If you're looking for a Kim Taehyung FF I got your back! Its basically a 18+ FF and a Dark romance content so if you're a big fan of those stuffs please kindly read it. I promise you won't regret reading it♡ If you're planning to read it the book was on my account you can check it by yourself and I got lots of more books if you haven't read all of my books yet. Please don't forget to add the book to your reading lists or libraries to be notified once I published the new episode. Thank you♡ (sorry if I wrote this on your message board)