oh my god…it’s been a while 


          I was wondering if you could give my compilation book a chance, if not, it's totally cool.  It's a compilation of Romance books. I am hoping they are different to other such books due to them being grammatically accurate and not-cliche. (If you have a problem with self promos then you can delete this comment, I don't mind) 


Hey guys...so you all need to go read this amazing book (if you want to obvs) because it is SO good and well written with amazing plot twists you’ll be shook.  
          You may get irritated by chapter 20 but CARRY ON READING, it’s SO worth it
          This book needs to be published and be made into a movie ASAP 
          @crazypoodle thank you for writing such an amazing book ❤️


Hi, I just noticed that you added Silent Cries & DEVIN to your favourites reading list, and I just wanted to say how grateful I am (even if you had just considered reading them) ❤ 
          Hope you're staying safe in quarantine! x


Hey, I read Silent Cries and I enjoyed reading it, your writing is amazing. 
            Hope you’re staying safe too x