Chapter 2 of Jagger's Mate is up!  Sorry for the delay!  Hope everyone had a good holiday season-- and I hope you enjoy the new installment :).


Hello. I love your books. I tried to sign up on your Facebook but it said the link was broken. Can I get added as well. I’m a very avid reader on Wattpad. I’ve got many booklists. I’m going to add one for your books 


ADD ME! I tried your Facebook page but it didn’t work. Even if I can’t receive your additional works free I would like to offer my review. I’m an avid reader here on Wattpad and I’ve come across many different styles of writing. Usually those who write short chapter novels leave the reader disconnected from the story and little to no love for the characters. It was refreshing to read you short novel! The storyline was clear and easy to follow without being cliché. The characters were like and I found myself hoping for the best not only for the two main characters but for those they befriended as well. Even though the “evil” character only showed up briefly you did a fantastic job of providing background information on him that as a reader I already detested him. Thank you for posting your writings and allowing us to read them. I hope you continue with your writing and that they are published for you. 


HI FIRST OF ALL IM INLOVE W U AND UR BOOKS- 2nd- I love how u actually warn us about it being a sample/planning to make it only a sample, coz I MEAN ITS DEFINITELY THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE IF THEY WANNA LET THE READERS READ IT WITH A PRICE, NP WITH THAT but i hate it when they just dont even give ONE warning, no note, no title abt it being only a sample, no warnings SO I RLLY APPRECIATE IT ILYSM!!