❝i   hope   you   get   a   hangover   from   the   happiness   you   got   drunk   on   last   night❞  ☕

created by elle (@ellesvogue) and halima (@halimalfoy) for the sole purpose of writing stories and simultaneously slaying.
no pressure.

⇶sassy. charming. delirious. and in love with coffee.

⇸| jerry and tom
⇸| victoria and selena
⇸| malfoy and hermione
⇸| from nigeria and brighton

❝s h i t h a p p e n s. s o d o n ' t b e a n a s s.❞ - h a l i m a

❝i f o u n d a s h o o t i n g s t a r i n t h e p o c k e t o f m y j e a n s.❞ - e l l e

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