"Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die." 
— John Green (Looking for Alaska)

Hello fellow earthlings i'm Gigi: I'm a indecisive girl who has mixed emotions when it comes to making choices and such.
I'm a girl with a love for writing, reading, blogging, dancing. But when it comes to actually doing any of those things I procrastinate and end up watching countless seasons after seasons and playing video games.

I'm pretty much april ludgate, Wednesday Addams, violet harmon, charlie kelmeckis and hazel grace but all in one? if you get my drift.

It's officially safe to say that you're now stuck with a lame loser who can't
stop fangirling over the same books, same bands, same people, same
but here are some of my many inspirations:
◕ Alexa Chung (The author of the book it, which gives awesome sauce tips)
◕ tavi gevinson (blogger and author, one of the youngest bloggers under 21)
◕ Shelby Hamilton ( One of the reasons I even blog to this day)
◕ Wednesday Addams ( Spirit animal and current fashion icon)

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