What are you doing here 😐😑



( he, him)

or any pronouns idrc

Existing DISAPPOINTMENT here 😐

Random Shit about myself that no one asked for :

My reading lists are weird 😌

@h1sbunnie is my mentally ill bestfriend

🌈Really gay💅🏻

Why? I honestly don't know

Cat person 😌

I'm 17

I talk too much so.. TW

Not judgmental... Maybe a bit 💀

Aries sun ♈️ , Gemini ascendant and moon ♊️

Obsessed with Troye Sivan and Manu rios


Sream Young Royals and heartstopper .....

....STREAM. IT. 😐🔪

If you judge people on race, sexuality, religion, gender, or anything really, I'll seriously HURT YOU 🗡️⚰️

Don't feel special bcs I followed you 🙄
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