I am honestly so afraid of my readers acceptance towards TT's another version. As I mentioned long time ago, as effalee grow, she will reduces romance percentage in her stories and eventually, her stories will no longer have that kind of genre. So for TT, I removed the romance part and made it as minimal as possible. And made it a little bit more matured too (especially Haneef's character.). As soon as I did that, I realized that my love for Haneef and Lara grow a little too much that I can't seem to let the mss go (I edit it everyday and I can't stop seeing their names). I don't know why but I love them in that version more. Hardcore memories thingy.
          	Well, i'm just saying. I love them. I hope people will love them as much as I do. And I'm sorry in advance :(
          	+Writing this on my wp message board because I know not many people will read. (Not as much as people in my Instagram at least)
          	Someone who will love her followers forever,


i loveeeeeee it much loveee


@effalee i still love all your stories. I love how the storyline flow


@effalee you don't have to worry kak effa. Kitorang still accept TT tak kisahla versi lama ke baru, insyaallah <3


Hii dear :) Jemputlah baca ^^ Please read my first story and vote ><
          Flex Ayrnight, billionaire dan ketua mafia. Elice Adler, gadis normal. 
          "I wanna ruin our friendship. Let's be lover instead. Kahwin dengan saya." - Flex Ace Ayrnight
          "Kau... Gila?" - Elice Eliora Adler 
          "No. I'm completely sane." - Flex Ace Ayrnight 
          "Awal kau fall in love. Tak syok lah." - Fley Axce Ayrnight 
          "I don't wanna see any blood on her. If there is any, I'll find you first Ace." - Florin Ayris Ayrnight
          "I'll tell you something. I can be really possessive sometimes. Hope you get used to it." - Flex Ace Ayrnight 
          Semuanya penipuan sehinggalah.. Sehinggalah apa? Baca kalau nak tahu ! 
          Tysm !