hey i'm not dead or anything i'm just getting on with my life and been busy with all that shitty growing up stuff so ya idk if i'll be back or not because i don't really have time for writing anymore but thank you all for the amazing support you've given me this past year and a half i really sincerely love u guys i hope you enjoyed my work<3


@femininejoseph i love u!! take as much time as u need, we understand. i hope you're doing well and hopefully come back, if not, we understand. your health should be 100% more prioritized over writing. u should only do what u feel like doing, don't force yourself into this if u don't wanna do it.


@femininejoseph It's so good to hear you're okay :) life gets busy. I'm just glad you're alright-you're my favourite writer. :3
          	  One question. What happened to Nyctophilia? That was my favvvvv


@femininejoseph It's alright, I understand. I wish you luck in the near future and I hope your doing alright, your books were fantastic. That aside I hope you do well in your own personal life in whatever it is that your going for, and thanks for the Joshler stuff, I live for them. Maybe hopefully one day you'll be able to come back!
          	  I hope to see you round maybe on the ols Wattpad, and if not Good Luck


I keep checking their profile every once in a while hoping that they will return. 
          I used to love their fics but most of all I wish they are ok 


@muthergrunge  I actually believe that I still follow them on twitter and they seem to be doing pretty well! 


i’m in the exact same boat as you, i really hope that we get an update someday


Okay I just came back from like a 3 year break and then the stories are gone and the author’s gone too. im just here like “bītch I-“..... I just hope they’re okay tbh. Also homewrecker gave me so many moments of laughter. I have very pleasant memories from that story. I remember my inappropriate comments and all the interesting feedback from the other readers and I laugh like an idiot. Lmao. If anyone knows what happened to this author I’d be interested to know bc they were AMAZING but like I said I just hope they’re okay. 


omg literally same, & all i wanted to read was homewrecker fuckkk i remember it being so funny, anyway hope the authors good