The prologue has been published for The Kings!


Helloooo! Hehe, sana masupport po ninyo ang story ko beginner palang naman po ako pero sana ma-aapreciate ninyo yung story ko hehe kakasimula ko palang po and then, on-going na din siya. Just visit my timeline po in wattpad named "itssitybee", sana po ay mabasa ninyo ang story ko hehe :)) entitled THE DAY WE WERE THERE, your comments and votes will be highly appreciated! Thank you and godbless po!


Hey there! I was dragged into a positivity chain and now I'm dragging you in to suffer with me! XD
          You have to tell 3 things you like about yourself on 10 different people's boards, while also dragging them into the chain!
          I like how I'm usually the most trusted person in my group of friends.
          I like how I care alot about my friends whenever they have a problem.
          I like how protective I am of my friends whenever someone hurts them or makes them sad.