"It's like we're soulmates or something, ya know? No matter what world we're in, we always find each other."
          	Can you guess who the love interest in my upcoming story is..? 


Hey! I have a small.. challenge? Task? I’m not sure what to call it, but here it is! 
          Under this post, comment a prompt, dialogue, storyline, ANYTHING you want! And I will (eventually) create a one shot or short story based on whatever you want!!  (Of course I will give credit) 
          The purpose of this is to (hopefully) get me back into the spirit of writing again! 
          I feel like, I have so many ideas but whenever I go to sit at my laptop and actually write… my mind goes blank. I deeply apologize for this. Many of my stories are already planned out.. and when I go to write actual chapters no words come out of my fingers. 
          So with this small challenge, I hope it’ll help me get back to the old Liya who could make 5 chapters in a night just for fun!  
          Anyways, look forward to new updates soon and I cant wait to see what you guys put here!! 


@goddessofgreatness I got chu. Reader  is from our world and loves Anime and horror. They are re-watching demon slayer and pause it to go to the bathroom/get more snake when they appear in the middle of the woods while it's snowing. But the trauma of switching worlds causes them to die but come back as a vampire after. And both the demon slayer corps and muzan and his moons are intrigued by the reader as after they get a daylight ring they are immune to the sun and they can heal wounds like a demon if not faster(if they feed on people or demons) or slower (if they feed on animals or don't feed at all) than a demon. It would be a demon slayer Various x Isekia'd vampire reader


@goddessofgreatness make a oneshot where giyu is depressed after the war so he kills himself because he never got to say goodbye to shinobu and then they meet in heaven or wherever with the other hashiras and then giyu and shinobu live happily until one of them gets reincarnated so they get reborn in the world but only one of them does so then the other watches them live a life and fall in love with someone else


Hokage Naruto x Sasuke x reader Naruto realizes the reader used to have  feelings for him and now he realizes he has feelings for the reader too after Sasuke tells him Sasuke can tell Naruto is starting to realize his feelings for the reader too but reader has a boyfriend and there married with kids so idk lol  


amazing author 
          i am happy i finally matured and i still feel guilty about how i commented for you hating sakura-
          nah fr you're other sasuke books makes her a literal angel
          and as for the book you completed 
          you did amazing!!!
          yet agaain as you're book is in mass popularity i would suggest you to check other reading webite to see if you're books are not published somewhere else without permission
          and once again wish you luck for ahead!!!


Thank you so much! <3 and I do post books on quotev and AO3… i HOPE no one is stealing my books


I finally completed Home… it feels like an end of an era fr… 
          Anyways what books are yall lookin for an update for soon ? 


@goddessofgreatness pls update Her God muzan kibustuji x reader story 


You guys ever read old books you’ve written and CRINGE at how awful they are 


yeah gurl, that’s why i took mine down 


@goddessofgreatness Yea. I read my stuff from last year, and thought about deleting it. I didn’t even write much of it either.. 


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okay one more teaser then I'll shut up haha 
          Fandom: Naruto 
          "So, is she always a bitch or what?" 
          "She seems," Sasuke paused and pursed his lips. "Hard, but I'd definitely be able to fuck her. She's kinda hot."
          "Yeah right," Naruto said while rolling his eyes. "I bet she'd never even become your emo asses friend, let alone let you get in her pants." 
          "Wanna bet?" Sasuke said. 
          "Sure," Naruto said. "Three months rent that you can't bag her in six months." 
          "Six months?" Sasuke said. "I'd have her in love with me by then." 
          "Ha!" Naruto laughed. "I'd have a better chance than you." 
          "So it's settled." Sasuke sat on the couch next to Naruto and held his hand out. "First person to get her to fall in love with them wins, yeah?" 
          "Deal," Naruto said, then he shook Sasuke's hand.


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Aaaannnddd... another teaser 
          Fandom: MHA 
          Your hands trembled and you sobbed. "Katsuki, I'm sorry!" You exclaimed. 
          "___!" Katsuki exclaimed. "I'll fucking end you! I swear, if you fucking killed Izuku, I'll kill you too!" 
          "Bakugo!" Shoto exclaimed. 
          "We just wanted to help you!" Bakugo exclaimed. "And you fucking bashed Izuku's head in. You psychotic bitch!" 
          "C'mon!" Dabi exclaimed again. "______!"


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Posting another teaser because I'm feeling nice~
          Fandom: MHA 
          "You are being such a dick today!" You pushed him away from you. "You need to apologize." 
          "Whatever," Bakugo rolled his eyes. "Why don't you mind your damn business, ____. If you wanna suck off Deku so fucking bad then do it."
          You looked at him with pure disgust. "What the hell, Katsuki?" 
          His friends chuckled. 
          "Yeah," he said. "If you fucking like Deku so much, go be with him. You're both weak nobodies who would never make it into UA with me, so you'll be a fucking perfect couple." 
          "Oh wow," one of his friends said. 
          "That's really what you think?" You said. "Or are you just showing off for your little boyband?" 
          Bakugo leaned down to your height. "Obviously I meant it, ____. You're weak, and should just give up on UA. You can just be the cute little wife of the future number-one hero."
          You pushed Bakugo away. "You're a dick," you said, snatching your ring off of your finger. You threw it hard at him, it hit the wall and clattered against the ground. "I'm done."
          Bakugo scoffed. "Pick that up and put it back on. Women are so damn emotional-"
          "No, I'm fucking done, Katsuki," you said. "I'll take your suggestion and go be with Midoriya, You, though, can fucking rot alone." Then, you walked away.