Hi I seriously enjoyed The Dare Games (like many other people did), and I literally finished in one day haha. Furthermore, I was wondering if you would be okay if I adapted this story into a Webcomic? I'm a hobbyist artist and I'd be doing this for fun, free of charge. Of course, I'd give you all the credit for the storywriting. If profits are ever made, I'd be willing to split it 50-50. Adapting your story into a Webtoon would essentially be a free promotion of your story and yourself as an author, so I really hope this would be okay with you! I loved the story so I'd be super excited to do this project in particular.
          My email is aniphile123@gmail.com if you ever need it, and I can send you some of my art if you would like. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear from you soon :)))


so idk if you are active anymore but i'll put this here anyway (i would've pm'd you but notifs for that are whack). so basically i got inspired by your story and now i'm making one of my own with the basic plot of yours. i just thought i'd let you know incase you find out in a bad way. if you would like me to not do this lmk and i'll take the story down. oh, and obviously i will fully credit you in the story.