Thank you so much for your follow! Hope you’ll like my girlxgirl romance novels! If you have any questions about the plot or characters, you are much welcome to ask. I appreciate your interest and time, thus I recommend you to start your reading from “Fairytales” for it has a typical yuri structure and the diversity of characters. PS I’m going to publish my new fantasy romance lesbian series “Marble and Salt” about a shy uni girl with a bunch of complexes and confused gay thoughts ♥️♥️♥️


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          If you are more into mages, a girl in a parallel world, love triangles, and girls’ love slow burn, check out “Avis in Between”. 
          If you like quicker gxg romantic events, magical creatures (girlxmermaid), interracial relations, and forbidden love - you’ll, probably, love “Fairytales for a human”
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Hi, just sharing for a friend. Do you like Action-Romance kind of stories? If you are, then you'll gonna love these. 
          Author: mimzee23
          Special Intelligence and Advanced Tactical Team Series (Completed)
          SIATT series Book 1: The Armed Princess 

          SIATT series Book 2: The Rugged Knight 

          SIATT series Book 3: The Wicked Heiress 

          SIATT series Book 4: The Seductive Geek 

          SIATT series Book 5: The Silent Heartbreaker 

          SIATT series Book 6: The Mysterious Beast