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The old harry is back and I’m here for it 


Hey idk if anyone would be able to help me but I was looking for this fic about Harry as a tattoo artist. It was a short story only like 4 chapters I think. It is about this girl who waited for like two years to get a tattoo at this shop and wanted it to be a snake wrapped about her leg. At first they deny her cuz it’s her first tattoo but then Harry takes her as a client. She wants the tattoo because she had been sexually assaulted in the past and the snake was going to be like her protector. Other moments in it I remember are him following her on insta when he doesn’t follow other clients, her passing out after the first session, them going out in in and out I think after one of their sessions. The book I think was called something like Lucky’s club, and the cover was Harry wearing sunglasses and making a weird face or something. 
          It probably got deleted but if anyone knows anything I would greatly appreciate it.



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!warning!quick self-promo:
          ''Why would an angel like you want to sin tonight?''
          It wasn't God speaking to me, no, it was the sinister I was trying to reach all night long.
          And he stood there, in front of me, with his mess of curls and deeper than the ocean, dimples. A sinful smile stretched his lips with God knows what on his mind. And hed watched me from above, and I'm not talking about Heaven, no; He watched me like he was taller than the trees, stronger than our own Lord and Savior himself. And believe me, when he leaned closer to my face, I could feel his God Complex without the need to question him.
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Hey guys! I never really do this type of thing but I’m starting a new Harry fic called “deception”! It’s a dark harry/mafia fic. If you guys wanna check it out, add it to your reading lists, and/or leave comments/votes it’d mean a lot to me. Thank you for your time! 


hi! just wanted to lyk that I see ur comments everywhere and ik we’ve never interacted but whenever I see ur comments I’m always like “oh there they are!” and get super excited as if we’re friends lmao anyways I hope you’re doing well and staying safe