Unnie please post next part of Jungkook arrange marriage... I beg you!


@seerah175 Yes I am also  waiting tooo


@Mrsjeonjaykhayy hopefully author will think about us too and react to our messages to at least tell us if she's gonna work on it or not!?


@Mrsjeonjaykhayy yes am waiting tooo


Hey Sd! Are u doing fine? I saw your post on yt community tab.You even met an accident,are u Alright now? Please at least update us about your healthI have been reading your ff for more than a year and I always look forward to your ausYou have always been one of the most punctual au writer, but it's been more than a month that you're ia it breaks my heart I really hope you know that we all got your backYou're strong Please come back we miss you so much Update us about your health:(


@TaeggukParadise what accident? Really? Oh my I'm so sad I was actually crying and then came on Wattpad and saw this I wish sd is fine and well. I wish we get a health update. Please pray that sd is healthy. I'm so sad I thought something is wrong because sd always informs the followers if something happens. It's okay we just wish for a health update. Sd love you... 


Author nim I am really a bug fan of your ff works on YouTube but I wanted to ask one thing 
          Just a teeny tiny....when are you going to make his secretary season 2 
          I mean no pressure I just wanted to conform that are you going to continue it or leave it discontinued or something 
          Cause I love that series so much and I am eager to see what happens next 
          So pls just can you pls just tell that are you going to complete that ff or not 
          Just to provide my little heart ...little satisfaction 


@jungkookiskove the series is  a hit ......very thriller......hope author nim will update it soon


@AbhaPolas yess...this series is everything... author pls update that