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kei osamu is known as the ice hashira of the demon slayer corps. joining the corps at the age of fourteen and becoming a hashira at the age of seventeen, he currently is twenty years of age. known to be closest to giyuu tomioka, shinobu kocho, mitsuri kanroji, obanai iguro and kyojuro rengoku, he has a few other friends than just them. despite that, he spends most of his time with those people.

out of all of the listed above, he is undoubtedly closest to giyuu tomioka. the two spent most of their time together, since they both joined the same final selection and used water breathing, but kei trained under another trainer. kei spends most of his time with giyuu, and they help one another perfect their movements and motions if possible.

kei is a pansexual demiromantic. he doesn't get crushes on people easily, and he must have a strong emotional connection to the person to even get to the possibility of him starting to develop romantic attraction towards them. however, even then he usually doesn't develop romantic attraction anyways.
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