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Hey! Buddy. How are you? Hope, You are doing well.
          Firstly Sorry for spamming your account. 
          So, I am just here to promote my book to you. I don't know if you accept reading request or not But I wanna share my work to you. Hope, You will like it when you give your precious chance to read this story.
          Muskan ❤️


Hi there,
          I am so happy to announce that my 1st book has just reached 17k reads and as for my 3rd book, it has reached 2k reads.
          I am thankful to the readers who supported me and showered me with love even though I am inconsistent in updating. 
          Keep showering your love and blessings on me and I might just overcome my writer's block. Updating has been a crucial task because this year is board exams for me (if you are Indian, you get it). They are crucial, and I want to spend all of my time studying.  Please bear with me and support me.
          Thank you!


@itsraining_again That's so great! Congrats for My Veela!!!


          I'm sorry to barge in. I'm Alex, and a long time reader and writer! I'm not sure if you take reading requests, but I just wanted to ask if you ever get the time, could you check out my completed paranormal/urban fantasy romance! 
           I absolutely love to interact with readers and see what they think, so feel free to comment and vote and chat with me too.
          Hope you have an amazing day or night.